Monday, December 18, 2006

Ipswich Ripper suspect

Suffolk police made an arrest in the Ipswich Ripper (or Suffolk Strangler) case. But the police shouldn't jump to conclusions yet (I have three words for them: John Mark Karr). The suspect is a 30-something loner who turned to prostitutes after his marriage fell apart. From a general sex-crimes profile aspect, he looks like the perfect suspect, but in the interview, he sounds like he had something of an affection for the prostitutes he patronized. That he knew some of the victims is an obvious red flag, but it seems unusual for a killer to advertise his relation to his victims. Killers of this type don't usually go after victims that can be easily traced to them, although I remember reading about one killer who only murdered his female acquaintances, and he was quickly caught. Still, a broken marriage could be seen as a trigger for a man who had a long festering desire to harm women. The suspect sounds confident that he won't be formally charged, and maybe new evidence will be revealed that clears him. But, like he says, he doesn't have a solid alibi for the disappearances of the victims. Recently, a sixth prostitute in the area went missing, and, as far as I know, hasn't turned up yet, dead or alive.

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