Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bush says: "More troops to Iraq"

As illustrated by the thoughts of several Iraqi citizens (you know, the people this war was supposed to help), the US presence is not helping. One civil servant says that it is a mistake to focus on the military when the problem is politics. The insurgency is still a problem, but the major focus, now that we've gotten ourselves stuck in this mess, should be on building a solid government, which is what the US promised Iraq, after searching in vain for WMDs, of course.
One Iraqi even called the escalation of troops "undemocratic," since it's not what the majority of Americans want. I have no comment on that, I think it speaks for itself. Another Iraqi said that the government has promised a lot but hasn't delivered. Iraq might become an American-style democracy after all.
But Bush wants more troops put in harm's way in Iraq. Another Iraqi citizen expressed fears that a greater US military presence might even escalate the violence. Overthrowing Saddam Hussein and installing a democratic government was a noble thought, but it didn't quite work in practice. Bush admitted to a "mistake" in his Iraq policy, but will sending in more troops correct it, or will more US soldiers and Iraqis die in pursuit of a so-far elusive goal (and the all but impossible goal of stamping out terrorism)? We'll have to wait and see.
A while ago, Saddam Hussein was executed for his crimes against his enemies. Bush says he didn't watch the video. I'm afraid I'll have to call bullshit on that, but don't hold me to it, I don't have any proof. I find it very hard to believe that Bush didn't watch the man who he said tried to kill his father getting hanged. We all know how much Bush loves a good execution, and this was the biggest one in years, and it was Bush's sworn enemy getting killed. Based on this circumstantial evidence, I have to conclude that Bush and his league of evil were sitting at the White House cheering as Hussein was led to the gallows. But like I said, I have no proof, so don't force me to take an oath and testify.

My political ranting aside, things are starting to look up for me. I've all but forgotten about the last two guys who screwed me over, and I got to see Dolphy and Angie after a way too long absence at Entre Nous last Saturday. Dolphy said she'd have something for me at Bound tomorrow night, so I'll be coming back to Club Lime to find out what she's got. I haven't been to Bound in far too long.

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