Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Shooting spree in Utah mall


No information has yet been released about the shooter, who went into a Utah mall and killed four people with a shotgun, except that he was 18 years old. From the information provided in the article, the shooter looks like a typical mass murderer; the random victims, the public setting, the shootout with police that ended in the killer's death. One witness said that the killer looked like a "regular Joe," a sentiment that is so often heard about the perpetrators of violent crimes. With so little information about the shooter, I can't offer any insight into his motives, but, if he's like most mass murderers, as he appears to be, he lived his life as a nonentity, or had a series of escalating disappointments in his life until he snapped. The mass murderer's ultimate mission is often suicide, with the desire for one final act of revenge on the world the killer feels has wronged him.
On a completely different topic, I had an amazing night at Entre Nous' Valentine's Day Ball last Saturday. A great performance by belly dancer Yasmina, followed by two hot women as a human buffet. I got to see some good friends and a few new faces, and said a final goodbye to Rosie and Moses, who are moving to Arizona. But, as I often do, I got a bit depressed. It was a Valentine's Day celebration, and as much fun as I had at the ball, I got depressed over the lack of love in my life. Again. Sometimes when I go out, it seems that everyone is paired off except me, so often the third or fifth wheel. The guys I want are always with someone else, and the only guys who want me are total losers. Who among the lovelorn doesn't get a bit depressed around Valentine's Day?

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