Thursday, April 05, 2007

In a new place...again

For those of you wondering why I wasn't out and about this past weekend, I was moving to a new apartment, which took too much out of me to want to do anything else at the end of it all. But now that the move is done, I will be coming back out very soon. The awesome new hostess at Entre Nous, Azure, is enough to get me back out.
As much as I'd love to get my new place straightened out and decorated, there is never enough time. I'm always so tired from working all day that I never feel like doing anything that requires any kind of exertion after I get home. And on the weekends all I do is sleep most of the day, and then go out at night, and then begin the whole cycle over again. Sometimes it seems like all I do is work and then recover from working so much, and I rarely get to do anything for myself, like work on the many writing projects I have currently stalled or read the stacks of books I have yet to open. I need this job to be able to afford the new apartment I love, but it just takes so much out of me that sometimes I feel like I'm just working through life instead of enjoying it.
And after last Monday, I don't even have Prison Break to look forward to, until the fall. The season finale was a killer, though. Mr. Kim, ambassador of the sinister Company, got shot by Sara after he cornered Michael and Linc; Kellerman came clean to the courts about his role in the conspiracy, and fulfilled his death wish; and Bellick and T-Bag briefly shared a cell in a Panama jail. Now Michael is also in jail in Panama, after taking the fall for Sara. But I got the feeling that Michael, being Michael, has a plan. And I have to wait for months to figure out what that plan is.

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