Friday, March 16, 2007

More press for a professional harpy

As much as I hate to give Ann Coulter, that golem of the far right, more of the publicity that she devours like the vulture that she is, I felt I had to comment on the whole "fag" thing. Coulter has called everyone from Bill Clinton to Al Gore a fag, and now John Edwards. Like she calls all liberals "godless," apparently unaware of observant Jewish liberals and the growing Christian environmentalist movement, all men in the Democratic party are "fags" in her eyes, because if she hates Democrats, and her target audience of hate-mongering conservatives hate fags, what better way to encourage animosity between the two? She throws "fag" around like her hero Joseph McCarthy, that blackest of black eyes on American conservatism, used to throw around the label "Communist," as an all-purpose epithet for anyone who doesn't entirely agree with her extremist ideology.
I've noticed, and this has been said before, that Coulter's intense hatred of Bill Clinton, who she continues to trash even though he hasn't been in office for years, is rooted in an unrequited lust. Clinton spurned Coulter's advances, preferring full-figured Jewish girls to skinny Aryan bitches, and she then made it her mission to take him down. Her trash talk about Clinton, questioning his sexual orientation, etc., is startling similar to the rants of a scorned woman. I guess I should put this in the "paranoid theories" category.
I probably won't make it out to Bound tonight, but I'll definitely be out for Entre Nous' St. Patty's Day celebration. I can't wait to see Todd DJ for the first time, and to round out the week at a booze-filled bash with lots of good friends. I've been overworked all this week, haven't slept enough, and I didn't get my Prison Break fix last Monday. On the plus side, I had a date on Wednesday night with a decent guy; smart, literary, and actually understands what I say. I might see him again this weekend, after I recover from the St. Patrick's Day craziness.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Awesome night at Bound

I had a great time at Bound last night, even though my feet are aching today. Blood rocked, Elise's Playground put on a hot show, Jesse had a very nice new toy to try out on me, and as always great music and friends. Brad requested Combichrist's "God Bless" for me, a song about serial killers. Very nice of him, which reminds me, I should see Zodiac sometime this weekend. So I had a great night, with lots of support from my friends after my last less than pleasant experience out in that area. Even though my ride got delayed for reasons I won't go into here, and I just barely caught the last train at the Gallery Place station.
My dad was telling me about the Peloppanesian (I know I spelled that wrong) War, fought in ancient Greece between the Athenians and the Spartans. Usually when my dad goes off about military history, I don't pay attention, but this was interesting. It illustrated the old saying "History repeats itself." The war between Athens and Sparta started because Athens, a democracy, felt that Sparta, an oligarchy, should become more like them. Sound familiar? Sparta won, with their male citizens groomed practically from birth to be perfect soldiers. Sparta didn't last as a civilization because of their archaic values, with intellect and diplomacy eventually trumping military might in Greece, but at that point, with Athens trying to defeat Sparta on the battlefield, the field all Spartans believed was their destined living and dying place, Sparta was victorious.
The point is, no matter how great any given powerful society thinks their political system is, another society might not agree. When going up against a society where the most zealous are willing to fly planes into buildings and blow themselves up in defense of their beliefs, we have to wonder how much impact a military strike could really have had.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

My Prison Break personality

With the second leg of the second season of Prison Break progressing nicely, conspiracy, fights and some finally resolved sexual tension between Michael and Sara, I thought I'd post my results in this quiz. I can't say I'm surprised by the results, since I've found myself relating to Michael since my obsession with the show started: smart and loyal, but not exactly able to function down in the dirt of the real world. He and I both needed a lot of practice in that area.


You scored 81 loyalty, 73 street smarts, 80 cunning, and 97 sanity!


You've got the stare. You've got the tatts. You'll answer to Snowflake, Pretty, Fish, or Papi. You have to beat off the ladies (and Sucre) with a stick and there's about a zero percant chance that anyone will ever outsmart you in anything. You've pretty much got it all- go ahead and bask in the glory.

This test tracked 4 variables. How the score compared to the other people's:
Higher than 74% on loyalty
Higher than 43% on street smarts
Higher than 86% on cunning
Higher than 72% on sanity

Link: The Prison Break Personality Test written by cnote15 on Ok Cupid