Friday, December 19, 2008

Walsh murder "solved"

Before getting into the main part of today's post, I had to comment on the disgraced governor of Illinois (I will not attempt to spell his name without it written in front of me). He vows to "keep fighting." You were caught on tape threatening to rescind donations to a hospital over campaign contributions and trying to sell President-elect Obama's abandoned Senate seat. It's over. No one in the media or political sphere is offering any words of defense for your actions. Again, it's over. You're on your way out of office and, if there's any justice, into prison.;_ylt=AoF3Yyq2A2UQQ6UaRy1GLStbIwgF

Hollywood, Florida police have declared the 27-year-old murder of young Adam Walsh "closed," officially linking it to Ottis Toole, the now-deceased former partner of Henry Lee Lucas. Walsh's father John, the sometimes annoyingly indignant host of America's Most Wanted, has trumpeted for years that Toole committed the crime. Toole, like Lucas, confessed to hundreds of murders, only to recant his confessions or be proven wrong by forensic evidence. Speaking of evidence, the police have not mentioned the type of evidence they have against Toole in the Walsh case, which leads to some skepticism on my part. John Walsh has been extremely insistent that Toole murdered his son, based on clothing "similar" to Adam's found among Toole's possessions and Toole's numerous confessions, later retracted. Toole's niece has also reportedly said that her uncle confessed to the Walsh murder on his deathbed. I understand that sometimes police feel pressure to close a high-profile case, especially with such a publicly grieving father all over the media. But the lack of concrete evidence, or evidence of evidence in the police's silence, and Toole's reputation as a self-aggrandizing liar, say to me that Adam Walsh's murderer could either be dead and not known as a child-killer, or is alive and still among us. Ottis Toole may have killed Adam Walsh, but maybe he didn't. As in the case of JonBenet Ramsay, the tunnel vision that some investigators get in focusing on one suspect can block out clues that could lead to the real perpetrator.

The holidays are upon us yet again, and those of you that survive, I wish you all the best for the new year.