Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pathetic men on both sides

As you know, I have received countless messages from guys desperate to get laid, and many of my friends have as well, including other guys. One male friend told me someone wrote to him on MySpace telling him that my friend looked like he did when he was younger, and asked him to help "relive the memories" or something stupid like that. And, here's the worst part, the guy was married. I didn't think guys like that could ever get laid. This asshole can get married, but I can't hold on to a guy for more than a few months. I've met a few (straight) guys who think gay guys are all out to harass straight guys, that they're nothing but walking hormones trying to get laid and preying on whoever walks by. First of all, that is not true of all gay guys. Second of all, the ones that do harass you with lame "compliments" are not doing it and refusing to back down because they're gay, they're doing it because they're men. And, being a guy, you're not used to the lame attempts some guys use on whoever they want to get in their pants. When a gay guy hits on you, you're experiencing what women have to put up with constantly. Gay or straight, the stupider of the breed is prone to this behavior. As another (female) friend told me on this topic, these guys need help. She got a message calling her "HOOT" and she joked whether it meant hot or hoot. That's another thing about most of these guys. They can't type or spell, relying on phrases like "holla back" or the now generic "hey sexy." Yet another female friend commented on this abuse of the English language, asking if the less educated these guys sound, do they think that will make us like them more? At the very least, these guys, though it's sad that they exist, are good for a laugh.
I've been feeling a bit depressed and lethargic lately, and I likely won't return with more serious posts until after this passes.


BigHeathenMike said...

"R u serious? Y wont you post about us hoot men anymore? We just think u sexy, baby. Holla back!"

Fuck me, if I have to read one more semi-literate, wannabe-rapper dumbass try to pick up a woman from her picture on MySpace, I'm going to go on a killing rampage.

And you know what Jim Carrey said: You know when you have to go on a killing spree and all you have is a knife - well after a while your arm gets tired and then you start 'killing like a girl', and people laugh at you...

Oh, and thanks for the link and comments on my site. I bookmarked you!

salomedesade said...

What a perfect summary of all the stupid messages I've gotten.