Friday, September 22, 2006

Bound's new venue

I won't be at Bound tonight, or, it appears, any time in the near future. Due to personal problems, and the new location, going to Bound will be difficult for me, at least for the time being. I know I shouldn't let personal problems, that shouldn't, by virtue of logical thinking, even be problems at all, stop me from going out and seeing everyone I had so much fun with at SMB, as well as Jeanne and Justin, who are returning tonight after a long absence, but I just can't get up the strength to go tonight. I just want everyone who is going to have fun for me, and be sure to supply details on the new venue. From what I saw at SMB, it should be a good one, even though I'll miss Jeff behind the bar at the Green Lantern, and of course that Smirnoff drink special (maybe that led to some of the questionable decisions that I've made there).
It's a shame I have to miss Bound for a while. For the most part, I've met great people there; Klawdya, Todd, Jeanne and Justin, Johnny and Erin (I still can't believe I missed your wedding), Maverick, Dolphy, Jennifer, Angie and Sean, John and Emily, and so many others. Just know that I'll miss you during my absence, trying to collect what's left of my self-esteem (I'm going through another one of my depressed phases at the moment), and that you've helped me, probably without realizing it. If you hear someone scream tonight, maybe you'll think of me.

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Brooklyn Frank said...

feel better!