Friday, September 29, 2006

A few thoughts on the Colorado gunman

This article says that Morrison, the man who held a group of high school students hostage, and sexually assaulted them, before killing one and then himself, had talked about suicide before. Though he only killed one of his hostages, Morrison clearly had the mindset of a mass murderer. He wanted to kill himself, but before he did, having made the decision to end his life, also decided to live out his depraved fantasies and take a few lives with his. He'd probably thought about doing what he ultimately did for a long time, but didn't do it until, knowing he was going to die, figured he had nothing to lose.
The mass murderer and female hostages is reminiscent of Richard Speck, who took a nursing school dorm hostage before slaughtering all but one of the residents. But Speck, unlike most of his breed, didn't kill himself or die in a shootout with police. His weapon of choice, stabbing, was also rare among mass murderers, who prefer the anonymous, rapid-fire method of shooting.
On a personal note, I was invited to a party tonight, but have, once again, decided not to go. I just don't feel up to it. I guess I still need some time on my own.

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