Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chavez sees the devil

Venezuelan president Chavez (the same guy televangelist asshole Pat Robertson called on the US to assasinate) called George W. Bush "the devil" in a speech at the U.N.
Now, facts aside, time for my commentary. Bush is not the devil, he is merely a tool of the devil, the devil's pet chimp. We all know Dick Cheney is really the devil. He has eluded death from heart disease several times, shot a guy in the face with few repercussions (except a joke here and there), and appears, for lack of a better term, hell-bent on world domination through the spread of "democracy." Cheney was secretary of defense during the first Gulf War, and is now vice president during the second. Just something to think about.
The reason Dick Cheney always looks like a vice has clamped his mouth shut, and he always hunches over when he appears in public, is because that's how he keeps his disguise on. Too much movement causes his "human" skin to fall off. And he walks so stiffly because, with a human body, it's hard to walk on cloven hooves.

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Brooklyn Frank said...

very, very well said.