Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Bath massacre

In a previous post, I said that the Bath massacre, the worst school massacre in history, was over one hundred years old. I was wrong. It happened in 1927. I also called it a school shooting. That was also wrong. The forty victims were killed in an explosion. Andrew Kehoe, the perpetrator, blamed the school for taking his tax dollars, which he claimed was the cause of his poor economic status. So he took it out on the students. This is exactly the kind of warped logic one would expect from a mass murderer. If you don't approve of high taxes, you lobby to make them lower or vote in representatives who won't raise taxes (not that politicians are the types to be taken at their word, but that's another topic). You don't blow up a school because of school taxes.
Kehoe was a classic mass murderer, someone who felt like a failure, who felt insignificant, and took it out on his farm, a school, and himself. He blew up his pickup truck while still inside.

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