Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Prison Break and Halloween

Last night's episode of Prison Break did not let me down. It was one unexpected twist after another: Sucre and Michael were in cahoots the whole time, with Sucre "stealing" the money, and in another twist, T-Bag switched the bags and got the money himself, when the whole purpose of stealing the money was to get it away from T-Bag. At one point I thought Sucre was a goner, when he was under the tree trunk in the water, but he survived. And he might get his girl back. Linc got LJ without attracting the attention of the Feds, he paid someone to beat up LJ so he could get him out of the hospital (at first I thought one of the Feds paid the guy to bring Linc out to defend his son). And Mahone. He's in cahoots with Kellerman and the conspiracy syndicate, who have ordered Mahone to kill all the fugitives. I really liked Mahone, and, call me naive, but I'm not ready to give up on him. I know I'm obsessed with this show, but it's an exciting reprieve from the workday. The gorgeous men in the cast (Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, and in an odd way William Fichtner) don't hurt.
On the Prison Break Yahoo group (I'm a member, yes I'm that obsessed), someone submitted a list of all the casualties so far. In the Prison Break world, no one is safe:
1) tweener2) abruzzi3) governor Tancredi4) Bishop5) veronica6) agent hale7) Dr. Gudat8) quinn9) lj's mom: Lisa10) lj's step dad11) westmorland' s cat: Marilyn12) nick's dad13) President Mills14) Michael's pet Rat15) Maytag: T-Bag pocket holder #1 (died because Michael tried to get allen)16) Seth: T-Bag pocket holder #2 (because Maytag died, he became pocket holder target)17) Turk (Lincoln killed him during Riot)18) Crabs19) Leticia20) Fake Steadman in garage21) Westmoreland22) To the other unknown lost souls who tragically died during the riot23) CO Bob: T-Bag killed him during riot24) nick24) T-Bag's dead hand25) Lucas 26) Steadman's teeth27) Michael's toes
Halloween, my favorite time of year, is coming up. I have at least two parties to go to this weekend, and possibly one on the day itself, and I'm getting closer to finding a costume. Inspired by my costume last year, Rita Hayworth in Gilda, I might take another page from the classic movie cannon, after seeing photos of Veronica Lake. I can probably find a dress like one she's wearing, but getting the hair might prove challenging. And I'll have a date for at least one party, and we want to at least somewhat coordinate our costumes. I was thinking he could dress as Alan Ladd in This Gun for Hire (great movie, by the way), with my Veronica Lake outfit. Of course she was a blonde, and I don't feel like dying my hair. No matter what I end up wearing, the Halloween festivities are sure to brighten my mood.

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