Friday, October 27, 2006

DC hates goths

Alchemy's last weekly night was last night, Midian's gone monthly, Midnight sucks, all of which leads me to believe that there is a widespread DC conspiracy against the goth subculture. If this is happening in other cities as well, please let me know, and we can form a gothic guerilla warfare troop and take back our clubs.
There is one gothic/industrial venue left, for those who don't mind a bit of fetish/S&M mixed in: Bound. I will be going tonight for Halloween, after a long absence due to the inconvenience of the new venue from the metro. I will do my best to fight my fatigue and get out there, though I may have to leave early. It's at Lime, in SW, next to the Crucible (I know, not the best neighborhood, but worth it). Even if you're not interested in the fetish elements, there are some great DJs who spin the best in goth and industrial (you'll probably see me out on the dance floor). And Halloween is the best time to go. It's our high holy day, after all.

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