Monday, October 23, 2006


A new episode of Prison Break. I can't wait to see what Sucre's next move will be.
I had a great time last weekend, even if I didn't make it out to EN on Saturday. I returned from the weekend slightly more confident that there are guys out there who want to be with me, even if they aren't perfect (who is?). This new guy is far from my ideal (I think I met my ideal guy, but we can't be together for reasons I can't go into here), but he's interesting, fun, and I can actually talk to him. And this weekend I have all the Halloween parties to go to. But I still don't have a costume. That guy that used to cause me so much grief is rapidly receding to the back of my mind, but he's not yet fully out of my mind and trampled on the ground, which is where he belongs. I might even come back to Bound this Friday, if I can get a ride out to the club.
I heard something interesting over the weekend about the murdered Russian journalist. Apparently, the murder was committed on President Putin's birthday. Considering that the victim was "a thorn in Putin's ass," to quote a friend, that was one hell of a birthday present.

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