Friday, October 06, 2006

Yet another lame come-on

I got another stupid message from a guy on My Space this morning. It wasn't even a real message, just the subject "u make me wana fuck" (it's a bad sign when someone can't even spell a colloquialism like "wanna" correctly) and a graphic of two people fucking. I looked at his profile, and he was clearly a "girl collector," one of those guys on My Space who tries to gather as many girls as possible into his "friend" harem. All I saw on his profile were girls and girl graphics. Why do guys continue to think that they can get a girl's attention with uninspired gestures like this one? If this was an isolated incident, I would attribute it to stupidity on the part of this one guy, but it isn't. I have gotten many, many messages like this, as those who read my blog know. What kind of encouragment have they gotten for this behavior? And why is it that I get swarms of pathetic, unattractive, stupid guys after me, but the few guys I do want either can't be with me or want nothing to do with me? Will I forever be a magnet for car-honking, sex solicitation-sending, baseball cap-wearing, porn-addicted losers, and the few times I can get a decent guy interested in me, it will never last?

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Brooklyn Frank said...

yes. at least until you can figure out how to do an [a href] tag properly.